How many 2001 BMW 750il's are in the US and how many are left?

Answer they can run that fast[

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How many apostles are left?

The 12 original apostles of Christ are dead. The location and date of death as well as the gravesites of some apostles are not known. However, known causes of apostle deaths included beheading, cru... Read More »

How many MLB catchers are left-handed?

As of June, 2010 there are zero left-handed throwing catchers in Major League Baseball. A left-handed catcher last played in MLB on August 18, 1989, the last game at catcher by the left-handed Benn... Read More »

How many white rhinos are left?

According to the World Wildlife Fund, 17,480 white rhinos are left in the world. These rhinos are divided into two sub-species. The northern white rhinoceros in the Democratic Republic of Congo is ... Read More »

How many countries drive on the left?

Approximately 64 countries currently drive on the left-hand side of the road, with the steering wheel on the right side of the car. Major countries include Great Britain, Ireland, Japan, Australia ... Read More »