How many apps can a 32GBhold for an ipad2?

Answer Not at all.

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How do you delete apps of an ipad2?

I really have no idea find another place to find out this information.

Are there gps apps for the IPAD2?

Yes! But I think you would have to have Wifi. Here is one app i found that might suit you:MotionX GPS Drive HD

What are the best apps for a iPad2?

Which source the movie comes from ? Internet, computer, else ? If it is a movie from the internet or on the Internet, then it could be a format the iPad is not able to read, like flash movies.You c... Read More »

How do you install apps on your iPad2?

Go to the app store, type in the desired app, purchase it (you will need to enter your password) and it will download straight to your iPad 2.