How many appointments till you actually get dental braces fitted in?

Answer i had my consolation in the beginning of March & i got my braces in the middle of March. So it didn't take long for me, it depends on your orthodontist.

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Should I get the braces fitted or wait?

Well, If you don't have any money there's no point on getting braces. Braces are really expensive I have them on and it costs like 1,000 dollars but you have to pay each month 359-401 dollars to ev... Read More »

How long till I get my braces off?

the most obvious sign when they only have around a month left is they will bend the arch wire with the pliers. this is to close any gaps once everything is aligned. Just be really good with your el... Read More »

I am currently wearing elastics - how long till I get my braces off?

It is really hard for your orthodontist or anyone to say when you might be done. Make sure you ask him or his assistant about the extractions to make sure you don't need them. Talk to his assistant... Read More »

My girlfriend says she's getting fitted with a dental dam. What's best, the permanent or semi-permanent kind?

This sort of question should be in the Sports > Outdoor Recreation > Hunting area. Beavers build dams fella.