How many species of ants are there in the world?

Answer There are more then 12,000 species of ants spanning the globe. There are three types of ants: queens, female workers, and male workers. Ant colonies only survive a few months after their queen dies... Read More »

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How many varieties of ants are in the world?

There are estimated to be about 22,000 species of ants in the world, living in almost every spot and location. Scientists have identified roughly 14,000 of them, and new species are discovered ever... Read More »

Anyone living in British Columbia, Canada. Are the common red ants and larger black ants native species?

They came from the USA. Canada is basically too cold for a native species and these adopted to the environment

Information on Large Black Ants & Flying Ants?

Seeing large black ants and flying ants in the spring and summer months isn't unusual. This is the time when colonies are growing, hunting for food and water, and generally establishing themselves.... Read More »

Do red ants bite black ants?

Not only will red ants bite black ants, but black ants will also bite and battle red ants. When ant colonies collide, fierce, heated battles often take place that rival human ones. Jay Sharp of Des... Read More »