Why do so many folk give conventional medical answers to questions about Alternative medicine?

Answer Well to be honest, they are paid to do so my friend and to play Skeptics or to use it correctly Pseudo Skeptics, its kind of nice to see people working so very hard for their wages, isn't it Mike. ... Read More »

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How long do you usually stay on yahoo answers?

depends im like about 1 or 2 hours 5 or 6 days a week depends like im not da whole hour straight say i wake up at 12 then i prolly maybe get on for 10 minutes see wats goin on then leave outside or... Read More »

Do you usually give a gift at a christening?

On One Hand: A Gift is UnnecessaryGuests are not required to bring a gift to the christening. According to the birth-announcement company, Inviting Smiles, guests should not feel obliged to bring a... Read More »

How much money does FAFSA usually give to college students?

FAFSA / the government and your educational institution determine, based upon a formula used to interpret your ability to pay, from your tax returns / parents tax returns, investments, and other as... Read More »

How to Face an Interview & Give the Best Answers?

A job interview is the place where you make or break your chances for getting a job. The application process and development of your resume are for one purpose: to get the interview. In the intervi... Read More »