How many animals are allowed by a single owner in Orange County, Florida?

Answer According to section 5 of the Orange County, Florida, Code of Ordinances, which relates to animals, there is no limit to how many animals or pets a single owner can keep. There are regulations that... Read More »

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What animals are allowed at school?

Because they may attack other students. Kids may have bad allergies to animals. Schools don't sickness that comes from animals.

Is a home owners association allowed to give out owner information?

Not without the consent of the person the information concerns. Without consent the association is breaking the Data Protection Act, or a similar law depending on your country.

Should single men be allowed to adopt a child?

Any responsible adult should be able to adopt. There are way too many kids without homes to start making restrictions based on old moralities. I do feel having both parents is the best situation ... Read More »

Are single people allowed to adopt?

Answer Not usually through an adoption agency in Canada at least. However one can go through the adoption process through a lawyer. Money talks! Often actors or people that are financially succ... Read More »