How many animals are affected by land pollution each year?

Answer Every living thing, from microorganisms to plants and animals, is affected to some degree by land pollution, with the consequences ranging from troublesome to devastating. The physical numbers woul... Read More »

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What Age Groups Are Mainly Affected by Air Pollution?

Air pollution comes in many forms: car exhaust, factory pollution, secondhand smoke. Although air pollution is a health danger to all people, some groups are likely to be largely unaffected. People... Read More »

How Can Bean Plants Be Affected by Pollution?

As a gardener, growing green beans is a pleasure. They are hardy, resilient and somewhat carefree, at least compared to other vegetables. Growing healthy bean plants means not only ensuring proper ... Read More »

How Land Pollution Happens?

Land pollution occurs as a result of poor waste management, as trash accumulates over the landscape and as harmful chemicals leach into the soil. There are various causes of land pollution, from li... Read More »

What city has the most land pollution?

According to The Blacksmith Institute, Tianying, China, is the city with the most land pollution. The land of Tianying is polluted with lead and other toxic metals from mining, which affects about ... Read More »