How many amps would there be in a 15,000-watt generator?

Answer Watts can not be converted to amps because they are two different categories of measurement. However, if the voltage is known, then amps can be calculated. It is known that amps = watts/volts, so, ... Read More »

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How many amps will a 5000-watt generator supply?

A 5,000-watt electric generator will supply 20 amps of electricity when utilizing a 120-volt power supply. The same generator will supply 30 amps of power when utilizing a 240-volt source of power.... Read More »

DIY: Low Watt Tube Amps?

A DIY low power tube amplifier is somewhat of a throwback from the days of vacuum tube technology. However, a recent resurgence in these longstanding traditional amps recognizes the wonderful quali... Read More »

What can a 1000 watt generator run?

Wattage ratings on generators indicate how much power they will provide. A 1,000-watt generator can provide a total of 1,000 watts to one device or several.Light BulbsAll light bulbs are rated in w... Read More »

How many amps is your 1000 watt vacuum cleaner?

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