How many amps to run a 115 volt compact refrigerator?

Answer 115 Divided by Watts = AMPS

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How many amps does a compact refrigerator use?

The typical compact refrigerator (4.5 cubic feet) requires 15 amps to run.Source:AJ Madison

How many volt amps are required to run a refrigerator?

For a 120 volt (V), 60 Hz system: 120 times about 7.5 amps (A) = 900 volt-amps (VA)

How many amps are in a 12-volt car battery?

Amperes, or amps, are a measure of electric current. A battery can provide low-amp current over a long period or a high-amp charge over a short time. A 12-volt car battery typically delivers about ... Read More »

How many amps equal one volt?

It is impossible to convert directly from amps to volts without also knowing the number of watts. The number of amps is equal to the number of watts divided by the number of volts; in equation form... Read More »