How many amps of power does 24 volts equal?

Answer The amps that 24 volts equal would be the circuit's wattage divided by 24. The Ohms Law states that: Watt = Amps x Volts, and from this equation we can derive the relationship: Amps = Watt / Volts.... Read More »

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How many amps does 3 hp equal?

The amount of amps horsepower produces depends on the efficiency. So voltage has to also be taken into account before the question can be answered. Since one horsepower equals 746 watts to get to a... Read More »

How many volts is equal to 1watts?

Volts and watts are two different things. A volt is the difference of potential between two different points on a conductor and a watt is a unit of power or work. In order to know how many watts ar... Read More »

How many volts does it take to power a dishwasher?

Most RESIDENTIAL dishwashers sold in the United are 120 VAC.

How many amps equal one volt?

It is impossible to convert directly from amps to volts without also knowing the number of watts. The number of amps is equal to the number of watts divided by the number of volts; in equation form... Read More »