How many amps does a refrigerator pull?

Answer Depends on the fridge, location - meaning hot or cold climate, fridge location in the house, how many times the door is opened, and how much stuff is in the fridge.

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How many amps does a ceiling fan pull?

Most fans use less than one amp of power. However, the larger the fan the more amps they use. Some fans draw up to two amps of power, and if the fan has a light fixture in use it can draw upward ... Read More »

How many amps does a hair dryer pull?

Take the amount of watts the drier demands then divide by 120 volts. You will have your answer, most people call 120 110 volts and 240 220 volts. If you were going the other way to figure out the m... Read More »

How many amps does a compact refrigerator use?

The typical compact refrigerator (4.5 cubic feet) requires 15 amps to run.Source:AJ Madison

How many volt amps are required to run a refrigerator?

For a 120 volt (V), 60 Hz system: 120 times about 7.5 amps (A) = 900 volt-amps (VA)