How many amps does a dishwasher draw?

Answer depends on the model of the dishwasher but their should be a label on your dishwasher that tells you the amps and voltage of your dishwasher hope this helped

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How many amps does a common dishwasher and garbage disposal use?

A garbage diposal can draw anywhere between 5 to just over 8 amps depending on the size of the unit

How many amps does a TV draw?

there is a place on your tv that tells you the amperage. just look on the back or in your owners manuel

How many amps does a car horn draw?

First developed in 1910 by Oliver Lucas of Birmingham, England, the standard electric car horn pulls about 5 to 6 amperes and sounds at 107 to 109 decibels. Horns are typically constructed in pairs... Read More »

How many amps does a 5-hp 460/3 motor draw?

One horsepower equates to 746 watts. Therefore, a theoretical 5-horsepower electric motor that is 100 percent efficient should draw 3730 watts at full load. Since watts equals voltage times amps, t... Read More »