How many amps does a LCD television need?

Answer depends on the size. a 42" LCD TV will use in the order of 150-250 watts, which is (divide by volts=120) around 1-2 amps, say 3 to be safe...

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How many amps does 40 flat screen LCD television use?

Approximately 1.625 Amps per hour if plugged into the wall. Wattage is equal to Volts x Amps. In my case, my 40" Samsung LCD uses 195 watts, and at 12 volts(for a deep cycle battery), that would be... Read More »

How many amps do fluorescent lights need?

Because fluorescent lamps come in a wide range of sizes, each has different amp needs. By dividing the lamp's watt rating by 120, you can determine its amp rating. For example, 10 watts divided by ... Read More »

How many amps does a coffee pot use?

The number of amps used by a coffee pot depends on the size and manufacturer. Mr. Coffee's 12-cup pots draw 10 amps, according to product manuals; Bunn's My Café Commercial Grade Pod Brewer draws ... Read More »

How many amps does 3 hp equal?

The amount of amps horsepower produces depends on the efficiency. So voltage has to also be taken into account before the question can be answered. Since one horsepower equals 746 watts to get to a... Read More »