How many amps does a LCD television need?

Answer depends on the size. a 42" LCD TV will use in the order of 150-250 watts, which is (divide by volts=120) around 1-2 amps, say 3 to be safe...

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How many amps does 40 flat screen LCD television use?

Approximately 1.625 Amps per hour if plugged into the wall. Wattage is equal to Volts x Amps. In my case, my 40" Samsung LCD uses 195 watts, and at 12 volts(for a deep cycle battery), that would be... Read More »

What is the best combo of volts to amps to kill pernicious weeds like thistles with a cattle prod type device as a 50k taser doesn't work due to ultra low amps?

Volts and amps are linked by a mathematical principle known as Ohm's law. Ohm's law states that V=IR where V is voltage, I is current (amps) and R is resistance. In general, biological systems are ... Read More »

How to Change a Circuit Breaker From 30 Amps to 20 Amps?

Reducing the size of a breaker inside a main power panel from 30 amps to 20 amps is easier than increasing the size of a breaker. When a breaker is reduced in size, all or a portion of the existing... Read More »

How do I Convert Amps Per Square Decimeter to Amps Per Square Foot?

Amps per unit of area measures the density of the electric current. Sometimes the electric current may be measured in amps per square decimeter, and other times it may be measured in amps per squar... Read More »