How many amps do refrigerators use?

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How many amps are there in Igloo refrigerators?

The average amperage in an Igloo refrigerator is 4.2-5.0 of continuous draw, depending on the size. The compact refrigerator is designed to use with a12-volt power source and does not have a thermo... Read More »

How many amps are drawn from Igloo refrigerators?

According to Igloo Cooler's website's general operating information & specifications FAQs section, Igloo refrigerators, more accurately called Igloo Thermoelectric coolers, are designed to draw bet... Read More »

What is the best combo of volts to amps to kill pernicious weeds like thistles with a cattle prod type device as a 50k taser doesn't work due to ultra low amps?

Volts and amps are linked by a mathematical principle known as Ohm's law. Ohm's law states that V=IR where V is voltage, I is current (amps) and R is resistance. In general, biological systems are ... Read More »

How to Change a Circuit Breaker From 30 Amps to 20 Amps?

Reducing the size of a breaker inside a main power panel from 30 amps to 20 amps is easier than increasing the size of a breaker. When a breaker is reduced in size, all or a portion of the existing... Read More »