How many american childern are in childcare?

Answer why? Thats a little personal to some people.

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How many childern are adopted in the US?

Only aabout 2% due to the abortion rates going up

Why do parents abuse their childern?

There is no easy answer to this, other than to say that no one does anything without a reason. That reason may be illogical, irrational, selfish, egocentric, well intentioned but badly considered,... Read More »

How do I unlock a certain program for my childern to play?

It might have helped to know which "game" it is you wish "unlocked".You could also install that game with a "normal" logon instead of under the "Administrator" logon..

How do i check on my computer to see what websites my childern have been on.?

Ctrl, HAs long as they have not deleted the history.