How many american childern are in childcare?

Answer why? Thats a little personal to some people.

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How many childern are adopted in the US?

Only aabout 2% due to the abortion rates going up

How to Prevent Too Many Children Crowding Into One Activity Center in a Childcare Center?

Many childcare centers set up smaller activity centers for children to explore during free times. For example, activity centers may include an imaginary play center with costumes and puppets or a p... Read More »

Childcare staff numbers - how many children per staff member?

Since these are not day care centers or schools they are usually pretty unregulated, although the corporate offices may have rules. I'd check with your local Dept. of Health to make sure.

Why do parents abuse their childern?

There is no easy answer to this, other than to say that no one does anything without a reason. That reason may be illogical, irrational, selfish, egocentric, well intentioned but badly considered,... Read More »