The current number of amendments to US Constitution?

Answer There are currently 27 amendments

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How many Cabinet members should there be by the Constitution?

The Constitution does not specify how many executive departments there should be. The Constitution does suggest that the Cabinet consist of the principal officer in each of the executive department... Read More »

How many supreme court justices are there according to the united states constitution?

The U.S. Constitution mandated the formation of the U.S. Supreme Court, but it did not stipulate a specific number of justices. Instead, Congress was responsible for setting the number of justices.... Read More »

How often does is the President required to give a state of the union address to Congress and is there a constitution requirement as what to be included?

The Vice President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives

At a local country club with 84 members there are half as many women as there are men the next month 8 women join and the ratio of women to men is now 3 to 4 How many men joined or left?

No it isnt.........they are exactly of the same size.....its just the color difference......