How many alcoholic drinks does it take before you start to get tipsy?

Answer Well I think it takes a different amount of alcoholic drinks for different people to get tipsy, it depends. Some people are more alcohol-tolerant so to speak, so they can take a few more than other... Read More »

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What are your top 3 favorite non alcoholic drinks?

hazelnut hot choc, caramel macciatos and volvic water

What are some "healthier" alcoholic drinks?

Try Amaretto, ice and pure orange juice.Although you may have trouble getting this at allot of bars, unless they have a wide variety of liqueurs. Amaretto tastes like marzipan, only not as sweet, v... Read More »

What are your 3 favourite alcoholic drinks?

1) Cachaca2) Patron Anejo then chased with a bottle of3) Cristal champagne

Non alcoholic drinks What's the point?

for people like me who live on antibiotics.. yeah it sucks :(