Where can I watch the mlb highlight video that ESPN made with eminem's Cinderella man song?

Answer youtube?

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How to Appreciate Eminem?

Most, if not all of us, know who Eminem is-the world famous rapper who started off small and ended up huge. Eminem is extremely talented, not to mention popular, but a lot of people, including pare... Read More »

For or against Eminem Why?

Im for Eminem. Mainly because he is original and a real person. He says whatever he wants thats on his mind opposed to other artists directing what they say to what others want to hear.

How to Rap Like Eminem?

Eminem is considered the best rapper in History, if you would like to Rap like him and get as good as him, you have came to the right place!

What are your top 10 eminem songs?

1. Soldier2. No Apologies3. The Way I am4. Rock Bottom5. Till I Collapse6. Beautiful7. No Love8. On Fire9. Lose Yourself10. Open Mic