RHH: What were the best albums released in Hip Hop in 2001?

Answer The Best Part was the album of 2001 IMO.Will Rap For FoodLabor DaysThe Autobiography of Kirk JonesStillmaticDisposable ArtsI would say The Cold Vein but I feel like thats an album that would go ove... Read More »

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Why have movies like The Negotiator released on Blu Ray in November 2009 not been released on Blu Ray at Netflix yet?

The Image Constraint Token (ICT) may be placed onto Blu-ray discs to reduce the playback resolution over the component video outputs of a Blu-ray player. All Blu-ray players are required to comply ... Read More »

On Y & R what do you think Dylan will do?

Hopefully he finds out but NO he wont leave town his mind is still on Avery. Nope no packing this time.

Y&R ... How much longer will Dylan?

Technically speaking, Chelsea should be showing as she is about four/five months in. But you know, soap opera's run by different rules than the real world.I am wondering if Adam thinks he is the ac... Read More »

Y&R ...... Poor Dylan?

Well for once Chelsea's mother was right, she won't get away with this. I think it's cruel to let Dylan think the baby is his because he's a caring person with his heart in the right place. It's a ... Read More »