RHH: What were the best albums released in Hip Hop in 2001?

Answer The Best Part was the album of 2001 IMO.Will Rap For FoodLabor DaysThe Autobiography of Kirk JonesStillmaticDisposable ArtsI would say The Cold Vein but I feel like thats an album that would go ove... Read More »

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How many girls has Dylan dated on suite life on deck?

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How many albums has relient k sold?

Relient K, a group formed in 1998, has sold over two million albums. The group, which has released eight CDs, most recently created the album "Forget and Not Slow Down" in October 2009. The band ha... Read More »

How many albums has Prince sold?

Exact numbers are not available. However, during the 1980s, Prince sold more than 25 million copies of his albums in the U.S. alone. He sold seven platinum or multi-platinum discs from 1982 to 198... Read More »

How many albums has Marilyn Manson sold?

Despite his controversial style, Marilyn Manson--or Brian Hugh Warner--is a very successful recording artist. The self-dubbed Antichrist Superstar has sold more than 11 million albums in the United... Read More »