How many air miles will radiation travel?

Answer If a 10-kiloton nuclear device is activated, the initial radiation will travel approximately .74 miles, or .64 air miles, through the atmosphere. Secondary radiation will travel farther than the in... Read More »

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How long will it take to travel 600 miles at 60 mph?

To find the amount of time it would take to travel a distance using miles per hour, divide the miles per hour into the distance. Therefore, 600 divided by 60 gives a result of 10. This means that i... Read More »

How many miles can a tsunami travel?

A tsunami is a series of enormous sea waves created by an underwater disturbance such as an earthquake or a landslide into the ocean. These waves can move for thousands of miles until they encounte... Read More »

How many miles did Sacagawea travel?

According to the National Park Service and Edgate websites, Sacajawea traveled 3,000 to 3,700 miles when she and her husband, Toussaint Charbonneau, assisted Meriwether Lewis and William Clark of t... Read More »

How many miles can a horse travel in a day?

A horse can travel all day with short rest periods. Typically, a horse can travel about 20 to 30 miles in a day. However, mounted knights could cover between 50 to 60 miles in a day. Distances the ... Read More »