How many air miles from Philadelphia to Miami?

Answer The total number of air miles traveling in a plane from Philadelphia International Airport to Miami International Airport is 1,020. The total distance for a round-trip flight from either destinatio... Read More »

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How many miles is it from Miami to Key West?

Via road, the distance between Miami and Key West, Florida is roughly 160 miles. The trip, which travels southwest through such cities as Homestead, Key Largo and Layton, takes approximately three ... Read More »

How many miles is it from miami to orlando?

The city of Orlando is located approximately 232 miles north of Miami, FL. People from all over the world visit Orlando for its internationally renowned theme parks, such as Disney World, Universal... Read More »

How many miles to the Bahamas from Miami, Florida?

The shortest distance between the Bahamas and Miami is about 45 miles almost directly across the Gulf Stream. That's the distance between Miami Beach and Bimini, the closest of the islands.Referenc... Read More »

How many miles is it from Merdian, Mississippi to Miami Beach, Florida?

Traveling by interstate highway as much as possible, the shortest route from Meridian, Mississippi, to Miami Beach, Florida, is 884 miles. Under normal conditions, the trip along U.S. 45 to Mobile,... Read More »