How many air forces are in the United States?

Answer According to the Air Force Historical Research Agency, the United States Air Force utilizes a numbering system for its air forces. As of 2010, there are 24 air forces in the United States. The 24th... Read More »

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When were the United States Armed Forces intergrated?

How many aircraft do the United States Armed Forces have in use?

What war was fought between the United States forces and Tecumseh's soldiers?

"Tecumseh's War" refers to the war Shawnee leader Tecumseh waged against the United States and its military. In November 1811, Tecumseh was defeated at the Battle of Tippecanoe, ruining his vision ... Read More »

Why is the flag patch backwards on the right shoulder of the United States armed forces uniform?

Some observers find themselves a bit confused when viewing the flag replica sewn onto the shoulders of United States military uniforms by what appears to be a reversed or "backwards" image of the A... Read More »