How many advil's should i take to help me pass out?

Answer Advil is not going to help you sleep. Advil relieves pain. You really should not take more then two. But, again, advil won't help you sleep at all. Drink some decaffeinated tea, read a book, or lis... Read More »

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What happens if you take more then 6 advils in 24 hours?

Nothing. 6 Advil is like one prescription dose. Don't make a habit of it, hell on your stomach lining, it'll cause ulcers if you do it often.

Is six panadole's and three advils enough to put yourself in hospital?

Unless you have serious pre-existing liver or renal disease, generally no. If you have taken more than that, or have taken other things with similar effect or metabolism, it's a different story.If ... Read More »

One of my friends took more than 35 Advils within 4 days and?

That's less than six Advils a day. Depending on the dosage (you don't mention the strength of the Advil he is taking), it's probably not a problem, although your friend should stick to the package ... Read More »

Is it bad to drink alcohol then take 7 advils?