How many adoptions have been done this year in the US?


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I know this has been done to death...but how many people recognise you here?

I know you! If anyone knows me, it's probably from my old account that just got deleted. I am bitter so I'll be bringing this up for days :)EDIT: Ahhh, I keep forgetting I can't do thumb ups!!! Dam... Read More »

How many adoptions per year?

How many studies have been done on the effect of tanning beds?

Given the choice to drink arsenic, be sprayed with mustard gas or get a tan in a tanning bed, the tanning bed seems like the safest choice. According to a recent study, published in the medical jou... Read More »

How many Adoptions each year in US?

This is called an open adoption. It allows the biological parents to select the adoptive parents and to be involved in their child's life after the adoption.The level of openness is agreed on befor... Read More »