How many adoptees on Y/Answers feel the need to insist that they are happy?

Answer Well, sort of.I get annoyed that if anything I say is even remotely positive, I get TD...not because I'm getting thumb's down, but because I think it's weird to resent someone for not being unhappy... Read More »

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Adoptees: Did your adoptive mom recognize that you had another mom or did she insist she was the only one?

Oh I love telling this story, as sad and painful as it is...My amom was very ill from the time I was around 10 until she passed when I was 14. She had always made sure to tell me how much she loved... Read More »

Open to all: What do you think of adoptees who angrily insist they have no desire to search?

Good Question Sunny - I wil admit that not that long ago I could honestly say that I had no desire to search. I can understand those that don't have that yearning.However, the more I have dug deep... Read More »

Why are the so-called "happy" adoptees always getting so mad at the so-called "angry" adoptees?

It's the other way around, really. I have always expressed contentment and happiness in my adoption and have gotten email after email from angry adoptees telling me that I can't possibly really be... Read More »

Curiousity about the 'happy adoptees.'?

I have learned so much here. I didn't come here to discuss anything. This is a Questions and Answer area. Someone asked a question about adoption one day and I felt I had an answer that would hel... Read More »