How many administrative patent judges are there?

Answer The Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences (BPAI) was created within the United States Patent and Trademark Office to written appeals to adverse actions by patent examiners. The BPAI Chief Admi... Read More »

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How many patent fees are there?

Patent fees are imposed before a patent is allowed, after it is allowed and after it has issued.Pre-allowance fees include a basic filing fee. Additional fees may be charged if there are more than... Read More »

How many judges are on the court of military appeals?

The consequences can vary from a page 11 entry to special court-martial and a BCD. Depends on how many bad checks were written, and how much money was involved. Usually, first offense or two will b... Read More »

How Many Types of Administrative Problems Are Found in Secondary Schools?

Secondary administrators face challenges on all fronts. Their positions can seem untenable because they are sandwiched between having to answer to parents and teachers on one hand and to the school... Read More »

Is there a patent for the hot dog cooker?

Arne Scott Perttola of Fairfield, Ohio, filed a patent for a hot dog cooker on August 26, 2004. The patent was published on May 27, 2008, with U.S. patent number 7377209, assigned by Gold Medal Pr... Read More »