How many acres does it take to feed a cow?

Answer The amount of land it takes to feed a cow varies, depending on the area where the cow is raised. In the Midwest, about 2.5 acres is needed to feed a cow. In western areas, up to 10 acres may be nee... Read More »

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How many acres of farm land are needed to feed one person?

To feed one person for a year to the current American dietary standards requires at least 1.2 acres of farm land. This varies due to certain considerations, such as the quality of the land and the ... Read More »

How many pounds of chicken does it take to feed 80 people?

One pound of boneless raw chicken will serve approximately four people, so you need 20 lbs. for 80 people. One pound of bone-in raw chicken will serve between two and three people, so you need 25 ... Read More »

How many tomato plants does it take to feed a family of four?

Plant 12 to 20 plants to supply a family of four with sufficient fruit for eating, indicate guidelines in "Tomato Plant Culture: In the Field, Greenhouse and Home Garden" by University of Georgia p... Read More »

How many acres does the US Air Force Academy encompass?