How many acres is ft hood Texas?

Answer 10,000

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What would you do with 280 acres?

Your question is a little open ended, however, with the remaining three plots you could plant bio fuel crops in order to have sustainable income whilst not damaging the environment, you could promo... Read More »

How much topsoil do you need for .65 acres?

The amount of topsoil needed for .65 acres depends on the thickness of the topsoil. If you need the topsoil to be 1 inch thick, you will need about 87 cubic yards of topsoil. If you need 2 inches, ... Read More »

How many acres does it take to feed a cow?

The amount of land it takes to feed a cow varies, depending on the area where the cow is raised. In the Midwest, about 2.5 acres is needed to feed a cow. In western areas, up to 10 acres may be nee... Read More »

How many acres is Springhill?

Springhill is in northwest Louisiana, and is the second largest city in Webster Parish. It has a land area of 3,987 acres, or 6.23 square miles. Springhill lies very close to the Arkansas state lin... Read More »