How many Wikijunior books were ever printed?

Answer Out of the two dozen or so "wikibook projects" for Wikijunior, just one was published in hard copy: "Big Cats", back in November 2007. It was a 44 page full-color illustrated paperback published b... Read More »

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In the first practical process of reproducing photographs for books on what were photographs printed?

Do you think electronic books will replace printed books why or why not?

I think it depends on the content and the ultimate use the book is targeted for. In my opinion I believe that there will always be some need for printed materialFor example:1.) Printed catalogs ... Read More »

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Understanding a publication's distribution methods and the number of copies it prints, also known as its circulation, is essential when trying to ascertain the value of advertising placed within th... Read More »

How many books by dr. Phil were sold last year?

Nickelodeon.for dish usually it's 171..... but i don't know about the other channels.