How many apps were there on Android Market throughout 2010?

Answer they say about over 50,000 apps

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How many six flags are there in america?

There use to be a lot more than there currently is... They've sold 3-4 that i know of and let's not for SixFlags New Orleans (or SF Atlantis, refering to katrinia flooding it and killing the park.)

How many wal-mart stores are there in america?

"The Wall Street Journal" reported in April 2010 that Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. operates 2,747 Supercenters in the United States. They also operate "some smaller formats, including 152 Neighborhood Mar... Read More »

How many deaf people are there in America?

The Gallaudet Research Institute claims it is hard to estimate the number of deaf people in America because "various definitions of deafness are used." The institute's analysis of several surveys c... Read More »

How many home loans are there in America?

As of April 2010, the U.S. had approximately 50 million mortgages, according to Loan Safe. Statistics from an August 2009 Deutsche Bank estimated that nearly half of all existing home loans at the ... Read More »