How many airlines are there in the United States?

Answer There are about 76 airlines that fly within the United States including major airlines, cargo-specific airlines, as well as small passenger airlines. Major airlines include Alaska, American, Southw... Read More »

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How many wal-marts are there nationwide?

According to Walmart's website, as of January 2010, Walmart Stores, Inc. operates 4,304 retail outlets in the United States. Of these, 803 are Walmart stores, 2,747 are Supercenters and the remaini... Read More »

How many public libraries are there in the United States?

According to the American Library Association, America has 9,214 public libraries as of 2010. If you include branches and central locations, this comes out to 16,604 buildings. Overall, the United ... Read More »

How many prep schools are there in the United States?

There are 1,400 preparatory schools in the United States preparing students for higher education at a college or university. Prep schools offer a private education to students in grades kindergarte... Read More »

How many cancer charities are there in the United States? monitors and evaluates nonprofit organizations in the United States and reports trends in the industry. Its website lists 121 American nonprofit organizations that conduct rese... Read More »