How many Vegetarians are there?

Answer Count me in!I eat ONLY vegetarian food.And yes congrats for being a vegetarian. So when are you congratulating me for being a vegetarian? :-)

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Any boy vegetarians out there?

I am a vegetarian (mostly vegan) because I do not think that animals need to be killed for me to live. That was my reason for becoming vegetarian, and since then I have found out about other reaso... Read More »

Are there any Black Vegetarians?

Is there a specific name for vegetarians who eat fish?

False cabbage heads, as they say " I don't anything with a face" well fish have a face, and feel distress when being caught, and probably wonder what the point is when laying on deck slowly asphix... Read More »

Are there more female than male vegetarians?

Yep. I know 6 female vegetarians, 7 including me. But I don't know any male vegetarians. I think it's because most men would feel embarrassed going vegetarian, because they feel "manly" and "tough"... Read More »