How many VAT-registered organizations are in the UK?

Answer According to the United Kingdom's Department for Business Innovation and Skills, there were 2.03 million VAT-registered businesses as of the beginning of 2008. According to the Office for National ... Read More »

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Why do so many pro-veg organizations support mass consumption of soy products?

Organizations like PETA are not concerned with your health but rather the salvation of the animals that would otherwise be consumed. Obviously all sorts of beans provide a better and more complete... Read More »

Does the Dell Dimension 4600 use registered or non-registered ram?

The Dell Dimension 4600 does not use registered or error-correcting RAM. The Dimension 4600 has room for up to four 1 GB PC-2700 or PC-3200 DDR-SDRAM modules. The required speed depends on the proc... Read More »

How many motor vehicles are registered in North Carolina?

According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, there were 8.5 million vehicles registered in the state as of 2009. North Carolina has 6.5 million licensed drivers who drove more than... Read More »

How many years of college are required to be a registered nurse?

You can get an associate's degree in nursing in two to three years. This degree prepares you for the registered nurse licensing exam and qualifies you for RN positions. A four-year college program,... Read More »