How many USB drives can you attach to a computer?

Answer yes it will be AA AB AC

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How many floppy drives can a computer support on a ribbon cable?

A standard floppy drive ribbon cable can support a maximum of two floppy drives. Some floppy cables have the ability to support any combination of 3.5-inch and 5.25-inch drives. Floppy drives also ... Read More »

How do i set up two hard drives on a computer?

Set your JumpersOne drive must be "master," or primary. The other must be "slave." Determine which will be which and set your jumpers according to the display on the hard drive label. Jumpers are t... Read More »

How do computer flash drives work?

Computer flash drives are small memory storage devices commonly seen as keychains. They plug directly into the computer and can be used to store and transfer data. Computer flash drives work based ... Read More »

How do I access all local drives via my computer?

Right-click on the Start menu and choose “Explore” or “Open Windows Explorer.” You will see all of the hard drives and other things connected to the computer, including network connections.... Read More »