How many USB drives can you attach to a computer?

Answer yes it will be AA AB AC

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What are computer flash drives?

In recent years, computer technology has been moving away from "mechanical" data storage devices to "flash" memory. This transition comes with some interesting advantages, but the word "flash" requ... Read More »

My computer won't recognize my CD or DVD drives. How do I fix this?

ITS A REGISTRY PROBLEM!!! Adding or removing certain burning programs cause this. like I-tunes, Roxio, Nero.. etc....Heres the fix. I'm a tech for a job. I'm sure it'll work. I help people wi... Read More »

How do i set up two hard drives on a computer?

Set your JumpersOne drive must be "master," or primary. The other must be "slave." Determine which will be which and set your jumpers according to the display on the hard drive label. Jumpers are t... Read More »

What does it mean to add more drives to your laptop computer?

Adding more drives to a laptop computer means increasing the storage capacity. For example, adding a 100GB drive increases your laptop storage by 100 GB. Though a few laptops have the interior spac... Read More »