What are some arguments for keeping US troops in Iraq and for the redeployment of US troops from Iraq?

Answer AnswerMany of the religious extremists want the whole world to become Islamic and if we don't want it, they are willing to kill themselves in an effort to destroy any non-believers. That's us.If we... Read More »

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How many Iraq troops are in Iraq?

The Iraqi army is variously reported to number 197,000 or 238,000, all in Iraq.

How many troops remain in Iraq?

As of this date, September 3, 2010, there are approximately 50,000 members of the Armed Forces remaining in Iraq.

How many troops die in Iraq per year?

An average of 549 military fatalities occur every year in Iraq. In 2007, there were 907 deaths; in 2009, there were 149. From the start of hostilities in 2003 through mid-May 2010, there were 4,717... Read More »

How many troops invaded Iraq?

The initial invasion of Iraq in 2003 was comprised of approximately 248,000 U.S. troops, 45,000 United Kingdom troops, 2,000 Australian troops and 194 Polish troops. On Feb. 18, a month before the ... Read More »