How to Memorize the Canadian Territories & Provinces?

Answer Image:Canada_map_6.jpgAn oldschool map of Canada.Studying for a test about Canadian territories and provinces? (Geography) There are ten Provinces and three territories. Provinces have more autonom... Read More »

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What conflict the us gained many island territories?

28 states and 7 union territories in India?

Yeah, you guessed it right, my friend! I will answer your other questions too, feel welcome!

Is prostitution legal in any of the Australian states or territories?

Some states have legalised it. But it comes with a lot of restrictions. You would have to be licensed and have the staff attend regular medical checks with a doctor. You could not just wander ... Read More »

List of Territories Occupied by Imperial Japan?

The Japanese empire ruled the islands of Japan and a number of overseas territories for more than half a century until it was destroyed toward the end of World War II. As the only non-Western empir... Read More »