How many Tylenol can kill you?

Answer On One Hand: Lots of Tylenol is required to O.D.Tylenol is a brand name acetaminophen, available in a variety of dosing options. Mild enough to administer to infants, it is the brand recommended mo... Read More »

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Can advil or tylenol kill you if you take enough?

it kills you real slowly with liver damage. You turn yellowish, then greenish, then pumpkin orange as your liver fails. It's horrible and I've witnessed it.

Can a tylenol overdose kill you?

On One Hand: Overdose Can Be LethalA Tylenol overdose can kill you, according to eMedicineHealth. Tylenol contains a drug called acetaminophen, which people tend to regard as a very safe pain-relie... Read More »

Can I take Tylenol cold instead of Tylenol sore throat after the four hours has passed?

if it's time for your next dose and you want to take tylenol cold instead or tylenol sore throat, that's fine. they just don't want you to overdose on tylenol (max daily dose for an adult is 4000 mg).

My Doc said 2 weeks prior to my surgery I could only take Tylenol. Is it ok if it is Tylenol with hydrocodone?

the reason he told you tylenol is to make sure you do not bleed excessively during surgery. he does not want you to take anything related to asprin (aleve, ibuprofen, any nasid) is because they wil... Read More »