How many Tasmanian devil babies are born at a time?

Answer A female can give birth to up to 50 baby Tasmanian devils, or joeys, at one time but most will not reach adulthood. The female devil has four nipples, so only four joeys can be nurtured at once.Sou... Read More »

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How many offspring does a Tasmanian devil have per cycle?

The female Tasmanian devil has an average of 20 embryos each breeding cycle. Because the mother Tasmanian devil only has four teats, only two to four offspring will survive each term.Source:Devils ... Read More »

How many babies at one time were born?

8 is the record but in 1912 there was a set of 9 babies born all alive but back then there was no medical tech. they sadly died at 2 days of life.. there is also living breathing septuplets.. McCau... Read More »

How many human babies at one time were born?

last time I checked it was 7 but it might have changed :) x

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