How many Subway restaurants are there in the world?

Answer From Afghanistan to Zambia and just about everywhere in between, there are 32,268 Subway restaurants around the world in 90 countries. The most Subway restaurants are located in the United States, ... Read More »

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What is the deepest subway in the world?

Northern Line and Jubilee Line, London Underground

Where was the first subway in the world located?

According to PBS, the London Underground was the world's first subway, located in London, England. Workers completed the building process in 1863. PBS says the first stretch of this subway was the ... Read More »

Where is the world's longest subway system?

According to "The Guardian," the London Underground -- popularly known as the "Tube" -- is the world's longest subway network as of February 2011. However, municipal planners in Beijing, China, pla... Read More »

What is the oldest subway system in the world?

London Underground is the oldest subway in the world. London Underground opened in 1863 and was 3.25 miles long. Originally, the subway cars were pulled by steam locomotives that burned coal.Refere... Read More »