How many bars are there in Manhattan?

Answer lounge means to laze about. e.g. the students were lounging around.

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What is the price for a starbucks coffee in manhattan?

Even more than usual. Triple a normal cup.

Are there any all you can eat buffets in manhattan?

Albert's International Food Houses on Dyckman and Broadway. Take the A train to Dyckman 200 st. station. It's 24 hours. The price varies on the time when you get there. Awesome food. I've encl... Read More »

Is there any point in owning a car in Manhattan?

You clearly don't understand some of the basic dynamics of how NYC works.First of all, Manhattan isn't all of NYC. It's only one of the 5 boroughs of NYC and not even the largest one. While people ... Read More »

Is anyone a Physical therapist(DPT) that lives in Manhattan (midtown,upper east/west side, lower Manhattan)?

Living in Manhattan is great. You are usually only within 20 minutes of anything you need and that includes transporation getting there. However, finding a decent affordable apartment is almost i... Read More »