How many"Air Bud"movies were made?

Answer As of June 2010, there have been nine total "Air Bud" films, including direct sequels as well as spin-offs. The original film and its sequels followed the story of Bud, a golden retriever adept at ... Read More »

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How were the old sci-fi movies made?

There were no computers and very little technology for making the old sci-fi movies, so they had to create their effects literally or by fooling the audience in very simple ways.Matte PaintingsMost... Read More »

How do old movies get made HD?

Because it was filmed way higher resolution, from the beginning.

Movies that made you cry!?

the last samurai all the warriors died well it didnt make cry but it was just sadand lest see oh the Lion King Mufassa died

What movies made you cry?

The green mileTitanicForrest gumpThe impossibleMy sisters keeperA little bit of heavenThe notebookNever let me goBoys dont cryPs i love youi cry at most flims anyway if its sad i cry :( loll