How many Sims 2 games are available?

Answer There are nine total "Sims 2" games. Along with the original "Sims 2," there are eight expansion packs: "Apartment Life," "FreeTime," "Bon Voyage," "Seasons," "Pets," "Open For Business," "Nightlif... Read More »

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How many PlayStation 2 Sims games are there?

Five "Sims"-related games (including expansion packs) were released for the Sony PlayStation 2: "The Sims;" "The Sims 2;" "The Sims 2: Castaway;" "The Sims 2: Pets;" and "The Sims: Bustin' Out."Ref... Read More »

How many iPod games are available?

Answer iPod games are always being added, and the legal and easy way to get great games for your iPod Video or any iPod with a colour screen is to download iTunes from the Apple website, then clic... Read More »

Why is the Sims 3 (with most available add-ons) running so slowly?

My best idea is that since sims runs on 2 of the 8 cores in your fx 8120 it's not able to use it's full power. Since that 3.1 GHz is the power on all 8 cores running and you're only using 2 of them... Read More »

3D Sims Games?

Game developers and programmers use special tools and software to make 3D video games look like a virtual world in which people, scenery, characters and other objects appear to come alive. Most 3D ... Read More »