How many Screaming Lobsters do people need to hear?

Answer pshhhh! that was me singing to the crabs...

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Why do you hear screaming when your mom and dad take a shower?

What is the best way to soundproof a room so no one can hear screaming or the like from the rest of the house?

It's pretty hard to do because sound travels through the smallest of cracks and also conducts along continuous things like pipes and floor joists. If it's a little over-active lovin' that's distur... Read More »

Are people able to hear your music through FM transmitter if they are on the same frequency Therefore are they able to hear your phone conversations if you are using hands free function?

If you have the money GET IT! I'm saving up for one at the mo, someone I know let me have a go on theirs and I absolutely love it! The camera is amazing and is really easy to view your pictures and... Read More »

Why do people insist on bringing their screaming children to better restaurants to bother other diners?

That's the million-dollar question, isn't it?My friend and I call them "howler monkeys" - hopefully someday parents will learn that the right place to teach your child manners is at home, then at a... Read More »