How many Psalms of Christ are in the Holy Bible?

Answer While many Christians, including the early church fathers, interpret the Psalms of the Hebrew Bible as prophecies foretelling the coming of Christ, these are all subjective interpretations with no ... Read More »

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What Are the Praise Psalms in the Bible?

Praise exalts with words of admiration, deep appreciation and even worship, and comes from a place of gratitude. Psalms refer to sacred hymns of honor and worship. The book of Psalms in the Bible i... Read More »

Who created the first Holy Bible?

The Old Testament of the Bible was written in Hebrew and Aramaic between 1450 and 400 B.C.E., but the authors are unknown. The New Testament was written in the first century A.D. by Mark, Luke, Joh... Read More »

How many verses are in the holy bible?

There are 66 books in the Holy Bible. The Bible is split into two testaments, the Old and New Testament. There are 23,214 verses in the Old Testament and 7,959 verses in the New Testament. Together... Read More »

How to Receive the Holy Spirit as per the Bible?

There are many ideas in Christian circles regarding receiving the Holy Spirit yet in the Bible -- if you take it at face value -- it is clear, simple and not confusing. The immediate, as well as th... Read More »