How many Points do u have?

Answer 3,737Now 3,739

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1st speeding ticket 3 points and a fine - how many points have you got?

try driving for 23 years and gettin hit with 3points and 60 quid fine for doin 51 in a 40....i was mad with myself for not spotting the unmarked van..well was a friday afternoon and i wanted to get... Read More »

How many points does the act test have?

The ACT college placement exam has a total of 215 questions in four areas: English, math, reading and science. Test takers receive a score of 1 to 36 in each area and a composite score that is the ... Read More »

How many Weight Watchers Points can I have per day?

Considering you are inquiring about how many points allowed per day, I am assuming you plan to follow the "Flex Plan" (there are two options- Flex and Core). To find your daily points allowance, gi... Read More »

How many points do inquiries have on a credit report?

The typical inquiry only dings a person's credit score by five or less points, according to the Fair Isaac Corporation. However, applications for several different lines of credit at once can do gr... Read More »