How many Persians died at Thermopylae?

Answer Approximately 20,000 Persians, lead by Xerxes, died over the course of three days at the Battle of Thermopylae during Persia's second invasion of Greece, according to the ancient Greek historian He... Read More »

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How many Persians were killed in the Battle of Thermopylae?

The battle of Thermopylae took place in the fifth century B.C. between the Greeks and the Persians. An estimated 20,000 Persians died when a small army of Greeks, led by Spartan King Leonidas, held... Read More »

How many spartans really went& fought the persians?

Three hundred Spartans fought the Persians at the battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. The Spartan hoplites were supplemented by several thousand men from other Greek cities and regions. These include... Read More »

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What does Thermopylae mean?

"Thermopylae" is Greek for "hot gates" and was named after nearby sulfur springs. It is a mountain pass in eastern Greece and was the site of a battle in 480 B.C., in which the Persian Empire defea... Read More »