How many PSI is 20 MPa?

Answer If one MPa is equal to 145.0377 PSI, then 20 MPa equals 2,900.754 PSI. MPa represents mega-Pascals, a measure of force applied to one square meter of area. PSI represents Pounds per Square Inch and... Read More »

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What game show is widely held to be the first of many many many?

What format should I digitize my many, many, many family photos (TIFF or JPEG) At what resolution?

Lots of variables here, if you are planning on enlarging photos or just want to keep them the original size, it depends on what resolution the were taken at. This takes a little experimentation on ... Read More »

In simple English, how much can a 4 GB Memory hold How many books or how many enclyclopedias, etc.?

4gb is 4112mb, a photo can range from about 1-10 mb depending on image quality. So 400-4000Text files I worked out that it could store somewhere in the region of 250,000 pages of Microsoft word do... Read More »

How many eggs were drafted by faberge for the royal family&how many are in existence?

Between 1885 and 1917, the House of Faberge produced 50 large and extremely intricate jeweled eggs for the royal family of Russia. The location of only 42 of the original 50 is known, and only 10 o... Read More »