Why was Nightmare On Elm Street 2 so bad?

Answer 2 was definetly one I wouldn't watch againPart 3 Dream Warriors is the best by a mile.

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Is Nightmare On Elm Street remake bad?

It's.. one of those movies. One of those movies where at the time I saw it, I think it was the absolute best (because I didn't know any better). However, I saw it in theatres and I was pretty young... Read More »

-poll- Did u like " The Nightmare On Elm Street "?

Absolutely love the movie. The first time I saw it was Halloween many years ago. I want to say 3rd grade in the mid-90's. There was one Halloween we had a snow storm and couldn't go out trick or tr... Read More »

Is Original Nightmare On Elm Street scary?

Poll: Best Nightmare On Elm Street Film?

The 1st and the third for me. I agree with you on Nancy, favorite character as well as Freddy. I loved the whole mental hospital alliance thing in the dream warrior film. My least favorite would be... Read More »