How many N-90 windmills can you fit on an acre?

Answer Wind turbines must be placed far enough apart to not steal wind from each other. Rows of turbines placed parallel to the wind are spaced about 4 blade diameters apart, while rows placed perpendicul... Read More »

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How many windmills are in wind farms?

A wind farm consists of multiple wind turbines collectively used to generate power. The number of turbines in a farm varies based on a variety of factors, including power requirements, cost and sit... Read More »

How many windmills equal one coal plant?

Using 5-megawatt wind turbines, it would require about 233 turbines to generate the 500 megawatts of a coal plant. Turbines work only during periods of wind, which is about 30 percent of a day. The... Read More »

How many gigawatts of energy do windmills produce?

The cumulative energy output of the world's windmills is an estimated 59.1 gigawatts, according to the Global Wind Energy Council in 2005. Each size and design has different outputs in different lo... Read More »

How many blades do windmills usually have?

Windmills usually have three blades for stability of the turbine. While there are one- and two-blade windmills, these designs are not as efficient and stable. Most windmills have an odd number of b... Read More »