How many Monopoly games have been sold worldwide?

Answer Since its release in 1935, more than 200 million Monopoly board games have been sold worldwide, making it the best-selling board game in history, according to Hasbro, the company that sells the gam... Read More »

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How many ipad 2 have been sold worldwide?

go into settings general and then when you go to sounds it will have ring tones and pick the one you want and it wll ask what you wantt to set it for and choose email

How many iPhones 4S have been sold worldwide since that model was launched?

How many worldwide have been killed in wars?

How many deaths worldwide have been recorded in bungee jumping?

While there are no hard numbers on how many deaths have occurred due to bungee jumping, experts have estimated that only 1 in 500,000 bungee jumps will result in the death of the jumper. These deat... Read More »